wedding dress wedding dresses weddingsSo it’s time to find that wedding dress, the one you’ve been dreaming about wearing for years. You have some idea of what it should look like, but actually finding that dress is a different story. WVG offers a few tips and suggestions to help get you started:

RESEARCH: Find pictures, pictures, and more pictures. One of the best ways to find ideas is to start with magazines, Brides, Modern Bride, etc. Or if you’re tech savy and don’t want to lug around magazines, start with Google. Do an image search and see what comes up, you may be surprised.

KEEP AN OPEN MIND: One thing you will realize very quickly is that all wedding dresses are not created equal. You’re going to want a gown that complements YOUR best attributes, not some model’s best attributes

FACTOR IN THE WEDDING DETAILS: One big thing to keep in mind is the wedding itself. Is it a spring or fall wedding? Are you on a beach or in the great outdoors? What time of day is the wedding? Is it a formal or semi-formal wedding? These are details that will affect your choices so have these details set before you walk into any bridal salon.

LOOK AT YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLE:Talk to your friends and family that have been married in your area. Learn from their experiences with bridal salon’s so you don’t make any mistakes they made.
Schedule appointmentsSome salons allow walk-ins, but by booking an appointment you’ll be guaranteed that a consultant will have time to help you. But don’t overload: Limit your appointments to two a day. Cramming three salons into one afternoon will leave you tired and stressed.

$$$: What’s your budget? Avoid dissappoint later when you realize the dress you really want is way out of your price range. Figure out what you can spend and only look at dresses in that range. If you don’t know what you’re missing, you won’t be disappointed, trust me.

ACCESSORIZE: Don’t be afraid to put your best make-up face on when trying out dresses. Doing little things like make-up, hair and jewelry will help give you a better idea of how you will look in your dress on your wedding day.

YOUR ENTOURAGE: Don’t invite the world to try on dresses, you only need a couple conflicting opinions, not hundreds. Maybe mom and a best friend/maid of honor. Keep it small.

NO SNAP DECISIONS: It’s alright to walk out of a shop, even if you think you found the perfect dress. Sometimes when you take a step back and remove yourself from a situation, you may see things a bit more clear and realize it’s not the dress you thought it was. On the other hand, it may just reinforce that you are making the best decision. In which case, why are you still reading this, go get it!