Green Weddings

Green Wedding, Green WeddingsGreen Elegance Weddings is a great site dedicated to environmentally safe and socially responsible weddings while making sure your day is still what you dreamed it to be. You’ll find ideas for your wedding like green invitations, tips for your honeymoon and even gift ideas for your guests if you would rather they donate to a cause of your choice (so you may want to link from your wedding website as well). Check this site out to help answer your questions about how to incorporate the ‘green’ into your wedding.


Green Wedding, Green WeddingsGreen is becoming the new white — at least when it comes to weddings.

As people continue to seek “greener” alternatives in everything from their food to transportation, more engaged couples are taking the plunge into conservation efforts for their wedding day, too.

Tim Reese, a farm supervisor for the Three Rivers Park District in……

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Eco-friendly Wedding Favors: Also known as “green” favors or eco-favors, favors that are made from biodegradable material or recyclable material. Mini pots of plants, flower seeds, or trees, for example. Packaging material such as recycled paper. Give a gift that gives back!

above top to bottom: Flower Seeds, Plantable Magic Bean in Handpainted Mini-Pot , and Braided Paper Cosmetic Pouches

I just stumbled on this – Check out Portovert! A new magazine for those who want to give back to the Earth on their wedding day.

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10 Steps to a Green Wedding

Every engaged couple wants their wedding day to be a special celebration that reflects who they are and what they care about. Going green is a great way to make the festivities unique and meaningful–and show friends and family just how fun, beautiful, and delicious a sustainable lifestyle can be. Here’s how to start planning the kind of wedding the online nuptial gurus at have anointed “the hot new thing”:

1. With this ring…
A green wedding begins where any engagement does: with a ring. Don’t start off on a sour note. The beautiful alternatives to “blood diamonds” (those that are mined in war zones and fund conflicts) include:

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