There are more options than ever for transportation options these days. Here are some things to think about:

1) Style: It seems you can have any car in a limo these days, even your old pinto. What’s your style: Towncar or Hummer? Exotic car or horse and carriage? Take a look at all options and remember you’ll want to take pictures with the car.

2) The Details:

  • Arrange times and dates with the driver
  • How many people are being transported?
  • Where is pickup?
  • What about possible delays?
  • Does the driver counts waiting time?

3) The Others:

  • Ask about base charges, rental time minimums, distance charges.
  • Additional time charges.
  • When does a reservation need to be secured.
  • Deposit amount to reserve the day and time.
  • What is the cancellation charge and policy.
  • Are decorations allowed on or in the cars.
  • Is there a cleaning fee or other extra charges.
  • Can the driver pick up several different passengers.
  • Can you see the vehicle you will be riding in.
  • Is the company fully licensed, insured and bonded.