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Yup, wedding stamps.  Artistic Postage is offering wedding stamps for you.  You doing to have to get stamps anyway, so make the envelope you spend hours picking out look even better with wedding stamps.  Their options include:

  • Monograms
  • Love Stamps
  • Wedding Hearts Stamps
  • Roses & Other Wedding Flowers
  • Standard Phrases (You’re Invited, Our Wedding, Our Special Day, Please Join Us, etc.)
  • Customizable Stamps – Add Your Own Wording

wedding invitationsIt happens, I know. You’ve looked through magazines and photos of design ideas and you’re still not sold on anything. Well maybe this site can help. Elizabeth Allis and Company has lots of great ideas for stationary, ring pillows, guestbooks, favors and more. They have an online design studio to break down certain elements to help pick and choose what you want your designs to look like. Check out this site, it just may keep you sane… least for another week or two.

Elizabeth Allis and Company

Eco-friendly Wedding Favors: Also known as “green” favors or eco-favors, favors that are made from biodegradable material or recyclable material. Mini pots of plants, flower seeds, or trees, for example. Packaging material such as recycled paper. Give a gift that gives back!

above top to bottom: Flower Seeds, Plantable Magic Bean in Handpainted Mini-Pot , and Braided Paper Cosmetic Pouches

I just stumbled on this – Check out Portovert! A new magazine for those who want to give back to the Earth on their wedding day.

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Boxed Martini CandleProduct Description:Planning a party or wedding these Boxed Scented Martini Candles in Silver Plated Cup are the perfect candle accessory. A silver plated martini cup is filled with exotic petal scented ivory wax to create this beautifully candle. Sold individually and boxed as shown.Isn’t it cute? I’d either use it as a wedding…..

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Different Kinds of Wedding Favors

Although Jordan almonds have been and always will be the perfect example of wedding favors, couples have used other kinds of wedding favors. One of the favorite wedding favors is the trinket boxes. Scented candles wrapped in special cloth are also a big favorite. With all the many colors and designs to choose from, the couple can choose their candle based on their motif. They are also making use of wedding flowers tied with motif-colored ribbons, and these wedding favors contain the couple’s names and the date of the wedding to remember the special occasion by.

Personalizing Your Wedding Favor

Because there are many kinds of wedding favors out in the market, they are all beginning to look alike. As more and more brides want to have a more personalized wedding, wedding favors have to be customized, too. But with the wide variety of wedding favors, personalizing them is a daunting task.

You can give perfumes to your bridesmaids and maid of honor as wedding favors. This could be small vials of your favorite perfume wrapped in silk cloths and tied with elegant ribbons. You can also give them stylish and elegant shawls as a wedding favor if your wedding is set for the cold season. For the groomsmen and best man, simple cufflinks are a perfect wedding favor.

If candles are commonly used as wedding favors, why not give them small lanterns instead? You can have motif-colored lanterns for a more customized look.

Another perfect idea for a modern wedding favor is a DVD copy of the couple’s favorite songs, and they can have their wedding picture printed on the DVD cover.

With the popularity of wedding favors and its importance in weddings, it has become a major mainstay in any modern wedding and is here to stay.

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